Giveaway: Carkai + Coordinates


  It didn’t take long for me to cut into that new pile of fabric! So far my favorite thing about Carkai is all the different combinations you can make with the prints. I really like how the blues and greens look together. There are a lot of different shades and tones and which makes…

What goes with what? Carkai by Carolyn Friedlander


One of my favorite features that Kathy and Diana posted was called, “What goes with what?” Every couple of weeks they would share a new collection of fabric along with an assortment of solids in coordinating colors. If you are a long-time reader of Pink Chalk, you will notice we are doing things a little…

Passing the Torch


I’m super excited to announce the passing of the Pink Chalk torch to fellow modern quilter Adrianne Ove of Little Bluebell. I will leave it to Adrianne to share her plans for where things go from here, but I will tell you I love the direction and her creative vision. I am certain it will…

A New Chapter

Ptarmigan Ridge

Does anyone still blog? As I sat down to write this post I checked my archive and noted that my first post was written on March 10, 2006. 10 years? Wow. What an adventure this has been. I had dinner with a good friend last night and on the way to the restaurant he said…

For Sale – Pink Chalk Fabrics

Thank You

THANK YOU for all of the interest and support! Pink Chalk has found a wonderful, new owner. Please read about Adrianne and this happy day for both of us: Passing the Torch