Hi! Thanks for stopping by.

My name is Kathy Mack. I live on Bainbridge Island, Washington with my two beautiful daughters and two cats that sew.

My earliest memories of learning to sew are my Grandmother’s patient hands, her cedar lined drawers full of fabric scraps and a constant search for the latest Barbie doll clothing patterns. Very joyful memories indeed.

Pink Chalk Studio is my corner of the universe where I dream and create beautiful things. It sits right smack in the middle of the chaos of my everyday life. I’ve been writing this blog for nearly a decade. Also begam writing sewing patterns and operating an online fabric shop along the way. Lots of changes both personally and professionally captured in these posts. Sort of weird to be able to visually scroll back through 9 years of my life. It continues to be a place for me to express my being. Thank you for joining me.

Enjoy and create.

Happy Sewing!

xoxo, Kathy

Frequently Asked Questions:

What camera do you use?

I have a digital Canon Rebel XT and a selection of specialty lenses that I’ve been collecting for over 10 years. My favorites are my fixed 50mm 1.4 lens that is great at capturing images in low light sans flash (an important feature here in the NW) and a Macro 100mm 2.8 lens for the close-up shots. I like to use my tripod and an infrared remote for self-portraits. My latest addition is a Canon PowerShot SD800 which I’m loving as a ‘take-along-anywhere’ type of camera.

What type of sewing machine do you have?

I’m the proud owner of a Janome 6600. LOVE this machine. Several years ago my husband went gift shopping at the sewing machine store knowing I wanted a ‘serger’ and came home with a Babylock Evolve. Did I mention that lucky star I was born under? I still own my first Singer sewing machine that served me well for over 20 years. My girls are learning to sew on it.

What do you do all day while I’m at school Mommie?

That one came from my daughter Leil. I try and design, sew, quilt, and craft my booty off from the time my girls step on the school bus to the time they step off. I try not to spend too much time on the computer which means I don’t reply to every comment I receive on the blog. That is different from responding to questions. I will always answer questions. I teach sewing classes at Esther’s, my local and all time favorite fabric shop. If you’re wondering, yes, it’s worth the ferry trip. I knit in the evening with a strong preference for projects that go gentle on the brain cells I have left at 8:00 pm.

How do I keep up to date on all the cool stuff happening at Pink Chalk Studio?

OK, I know you’re not really asking that but I’ll put a plug in for my mailing list. Just sign up over on the sidebar. I don’t do anything with your e-mail address like sell it or give it away to phishing companies located on remote islands. I thought it would be cool to send out e-mails letting you know when I have something new like my patterns or a tutorial.