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Esther's Mystery Quilt - Step 1 

Spring Break is over.  I like getting away but I always like coming home just as much.  Days on end of uninterrupted family time always provide unexpected surprises.  Waiting in a very long line to rent a car, Caitlin was especially impatient.  Leil was twirling to pass the time.  As Caitlin’s complaining began to escalate, her sister turned to her and in a very matter of fact way said “Caitlin, life doesn’t always have to be fast.”

Esther’s is my local fabric shop.  It has the distinguished honor of being the oldest fabric shop in the State of Washington.  It has had various owners over the years.  The latest owner, Jenn Rhoads, purchased the shop two years ago.  She’s a goddess.  Great eye for texture, color and style.  In addition to quilting cottons, the shop stocks gorgeous fabrics for those of us that still sew clothes.  If you come to the Seattle area Esther’s is worth the ferry ride by itself.

Each year the shop sponsors a Mystery Quilt.  A step is provided each week for four weeks.  I love seeing the other quilts at the end.  A fun way to learn new techniques and see how other’s interpreted the effort.  This week I’ll share Step 1:  select 3 fabrics and cut all the pieces according to the instructions.  I picked 2 Asian inspired motifs and my new favorite color, Robin’s Egg, for the third.  Robin’s Egg just seems to go with everything.  I really can’t get enough of that fabric.  Stay tuned for how this mystery ends.

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  1. […] Links to Step 1 and Step 2. Step 3 required joining one of the small half-square triangles (Robin’s Egg Blue) to the 2-square units I completed in Step 2. You can see 48 of those units in the picture above. The other set of 2-square units got the same treatment with the addition of a small square on the opposite end. 48 of those appear in the bottom of the picture above. […]